Combined Heat and Power Solutions
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  Clean Energy Solutions
  Capella Energy is a designer, developer, and custom integrator of combined heating, cooling, and electric power generation systems. We help our clients select the best equipment with the highest efficiency for their application. We also offer qualified analysis and evaluation on clean and renewable energy in the areas of solar thermal energy and photovoltaic energy systems.
  Consulting Services
Areas We provide consulting in the following areas
  • Combined Heat, Cooling and Power
  • Absorption refrigeration systems
  • Waste heat recovery
  • Microturbine power systems
  • Fuel Cells Systems
  • Solar Thermal/Photovoltaic systems
  • Project Feasibility Analysis  

  • Government Incentives Assessment
  • Equipment Procurement and Installation
  • Determine heating/cooling load requirements
  • Conduct plant surveys to identify sources of waste heat
  • Provide cost quotes for CHP systems
  • Conduct a life cycle cost analysis
  • Permitting 
  • Project Commissioning 
  • Long-term Service Agreements
  • Operations & Maintenance 



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