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Combined Heat and Power Savings Estimator

  Combined Heat and Power (CHP) produces electricity and heat from a single fuel source. CHP is applied where there is concurrent demand for heat and electricity. The technology is particularly attractive in areas where electricity rates are high. We have developed a CHP Savings Estimator that allows you to obtain estimates of the electricity and heat that is supplied by various engine-generator systems. 
  The CHP Savings Estimator also provides estimates of the value of the energy supplied, the cost of the CHP system, monthly payments, annual savings and simple payback time. Choose a system that closely matches your electricity and heating needs. If you already own standby generator equipment, it can be used for CHP. Just select the size/type in the Savings Estimator, and set the cost to zero. For a detailed analysis of your actual energy data, you can use the Energy Efficiency Analysis Tool
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Estimated CHP System Costs

Electric Power Generator
Heat Recovery Equipment
Cooling/Dehumidification Equipment
Additional Equipment/Costs
Site Preparation
Government Incentives
CHP System Cost  

Monthly Costs

CHP Financing Interest Rate  
CHP Finance Cost  
Fuel Cost  
O&M Cost  
Interconnection/Other Recurring Cost
Total Monthly Cost  


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Financial Summary

Estimated Value of CHP Energy


Electricity Demand Charge Savings


Peak-time Electricity Charge Savings

CHP System Cost


CHP Energy Cost/kWh


Annual Savings


Payback Period


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Days Used per Month
Engine-Generator Type
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Current Boiler Fuel /gal
Current Boiler Efficiency
Engine Efficiency
Electricity Demand Charge /kW
Total CHP Efficiency
Financing Interest Rate %
Loan Period Years
Load Factor

*Cost of Diesel fuel with road-tax subtracted




  The cogeneration estimator is intended for preliminary evaluation only, and should not replace a detailed feasibility study. Additional evaluation tools are available here.